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My background is one with a rock-solid attitude, a worldly attitude in which there was no spirituality present for me. I studied economics, then worked for 16 years at a major bank and am also the mother of two wonderful children. Sport was my lifeblood and centre of life at that time.

After a tragic experience in 2017, it was not only my complete world that came crashing down. I also went through the worst pain, did not want to live anymore, was confined to bed for two and a half years and no doctor or clinic could help me. The strongest painkillers brought no relief, no therapy brought improvement and I got to experience all possible emotional states, anxiety and crises.

But one night changed everything. After seeing the light and a near death experience, I realised that I was more than just a physical being. I was privileged to see and feel who I really am and had seen that I am on a mission from the soul and that I was being carried by unconditional love.

My consciousness was opened polydimensionally. I took the trouble to read the user manual of the subconscious mind, the spirit, the soul, the bodily consciousness and the superconscious for four years, exploring and decoding the mode of action as well as the origin of the dissociations.

I was able and permitted to activate my ancient healing knowledge. But what for? To get clarity about the causes of diseases, pain, tragedies and dissatisfaction and to unlock the mystery of dematerialisation and dissolution of these causes.

In order to help other souls and people to achieve quick and effective results, I have developed the Hostelograf Method. With mindful serenity, without right or wrong, I share with you my knowledge of healing and my experiences. My mission is to access JOY, because joy is the ultimate creation.

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