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True realisation

I have designed the work with the Soulboard for those who strive for their true realisation, in order that they:

  • find their purpose and calling in life
  • develop their talents and gifts
  • further develop their personality
  • become successful
  • experience fulfilment in their job or in love
  • cope better with the processes of letting go and change.

True realisation means manifestation from the soul and not from the ego. During Soulboard coaching, you learn to activate your full potential and free yourself from pathogenic dissatisfaction, doubts and disorientation.

The Soulboard is considered the Ferrari of vision boards. Here you learn to manifest from your soul and develop an awareness of your desires. From your soul plan and from future energy, all your possibilities reveal themselves; which gifts and talents can be activated and which of your ideas already exist. Because the future already exists, time does not exist and everything is linear.

We look at which attitudinal and behavioural patterns (beliefs, limitations, blockages, self-doubt, feeling of inadequacy) need to be changed in order for manifestation from the soul to occur. The aim of working with the Soulboard is to serve one’s life purpose without having to deserve or to serve. I have gathered all this experience and would like to pass my knowledge on to you.

You can expect 12 intensive weeks with:


two hours of coaching per week

including resolving the causes of limitations, feelings of inadequacy and doubts within you, and support with the implementation of the Soulboard as well as energetic process support


free email support 24/7

for important and urgent questions


if requested

3×15 minutes per week impulse coaching


Did I wake your interest? I'm looking forward to your message!

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